Say Hello to Fingbox

Fingbox allows you to secure and troubleshoot your home network. Controlled entirely by the Fing app, Fingbox alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary – from new devices on your network, changes in your Internet performance, or unidentified devices that could be an unwelcome intruder – Find out who’s home, block devices, and make your Wi-Fi network just work!

Fingbox is the evolution of the Fing app, the ever so popular network scanner for iOS and Android. It’s a direct response to the needs of the 15 million users, who have asked for additional security and troubleshooting features for their home network.

The Fing app was first built in 2009 by three developers, Carlo, Marco, and Daniele – or as the Fing Team like to call them – “the 3 fingers.”

The Fing app grew wildly successful simply because of its superior device recognition, ease of use and network scanning technology. The app today has 15 million downloads, 7 million active users and hundreds of thousands of positive reviews on the App Store and Google Play. To find out more about fingbox, you can drop onto their website here or go to Fingbox has secured significant crowdfunding support, raising over £500,000 at the tme of writing.