Our only interest
is in adding value
to your business.

One Service

We provide one service - To Improve
your business.

The service has four options.

If you're serious about improving your business.

We will help you do it.

Four Options

Free Business Advice

Free business power hour, where you get to ask us for advice on any specific business area that you need our help and support with.

Friendly, relaxed and informal. Our only interest is in helping you.

Zero Upsells - No sales pitch.

Impact Sessions


Cost  – £375

Duration – 2 Hours

Format – Remote

Participants – One to one

Payment Method –

Advance payment

Instant Bank Transfer

Credit/Debit card using Stripe secure payment gateway.

What to expect

The format is reasonably structured but is also designed to be both fluid and flexible. 120 minutes of highly focused open dialogue discussing all aspects of your specific business challenge. 

The only objective is for us to listen to you and understand what your business pain point (s) is. From here we will give the very best advice and support we can. 

NOTE: Our only interest is in helping you. There are zero upsells or sales pitches. You will be asked to rate your experience at the end of the session so we can improve.

Who's it for?

Any business owner or senior manager who wants advice and support in solving things like:

Workplace culture

Business Operations

Business strategy

Marketing strategy

Growth Strategy

Customer acquisition


Cash flow and forecasting

Business realignment

Project Management

We partner with clients to provide mission-critical project management consulting.

We specialise in Business Operations, Marketing Acquisition, Management structure and Service CRM Automation.

Partner Mentoring


Cost – From £1000 per month or project based 

Why “£ – from”

We use value-based pricing as opposed to hourly pricing. This means that we base our fees based on the impact our advice and support has on the individual client.


A client with 700k AR improves its monthly OPEX margin by 6k based on our involvement. We may charge £1500 for this.

A client with £4M AR improves its sales conversion based on our involvement which leads to a 15% increase in sales AR – We may charge £6K for this.

We charge based on the value we add.

This is contractually discussed and agreed upon prior to engagement.

Duration – Unlimited time – Client controlled with mutual agreement. 

Format – Remote / Hybrid 

Participants – One to one and or team/project environment.

Payment Method –

Advance payment

Instant Bank Transfer

Credit/Debit card using Stripe secure payment gateway.


Hybrid support will incur additional and appropriate subsistence costs which can be charged separately or as part of the overall fees.

What to expect

In short, partner mentoring is a full-access  

We will question, challenge, disagree and sometimes force you to step outside of your comfort zone. 

you get full access to one or more of our team, effectively 24/7.

When you work, we work – if that’s what’s required.

Essentially, you tell us what you need and we row in behind you to make it happen.

This scenario provides huge flexibility for our clients.


*Unbiased equity-free business partner

*Business performance and growth advisor

*Fractional style C-Suite Management

*Bespoke project management 

*Ongoing bi-weekly progress and accountability sessions

*Business strategy, planning and commercial forecasting 

Who's it for?

Any business owner or senior manager that wishes to:

Take the next steps to grow their business.

Reverse poor business performance.

Have specific projects managed and executed

Resolve specific business problems and frustrations.

Audit the business from top to bottom

Re-align the business, its structure, objectives and focus.

Pre – Post-M&A restructuring

Drive improvements in business efficiencies


The Five Business Disciplines

Through experiences, we understand that successful businesses all have the same core foundations.

We call these foundations the Five Business Disciplines.

They each have 6 key business drivers.

We are teachers of the Five Business Disciplines

Foundations of a successful business

Straetgy & Financial

Marketing & Creative

Customer Excellence

Team & Culture

Leadership & Growth

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Great business relationships are
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To cut through this issue,
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If any of our services don't add value
for our clients, they're provided for free.

You don't know us. We don't know you.

This means you risk your time and money and we risk our reputation.

We decided to de-risk this.

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