Project 13

The experience and knowledge I bring to the table is significant. 

I decided a few years back to pass this on to organisations that work tirelessly to make a difference within their communities and that strive to make things better.

If you can help, you should.

I can help, so I do.

Project 13 2024 - Match

Time for someone to write a mission statement. I'll have an update on this shortly.

Project 13?

For the past Nine Years, from 1st March to Feb, I have provided professional services to one NGO

For 12 Months, I fully engage with an NGO Executive Team and or an appointed team. I provide support, guidance and actionable solutions in the areas of Executive Management, Digital Marketing, Creative Design and Workplace Culture.

Project 13?

Simple, I’ve always thought that if people are in a position to help others, then they should so that’s what I do – I help others where I can.

So What's What?

12 Months Support

100% FOC

Executive Support


Are We The Right Fit?

In my opinion, the most crucial consideration is that both the NGO and I are the right fit together. Giving support and advice is not about telling people what they want to hear, it’s being open and honest about the challenges and discussing meaningful and impactful solutions that move things forward.

This is a good starting point...

Where are things now

Where do things need to be

What's the plan to get there

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Find Out More?

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