lee o'carroll Speed, Words & Quality

Speed, Words, Quality

Google lists over two hundred ranking factors. Ranking factors are the boxes your website’s digital content needs to tick if you want to rank well in Google search engine results (SERPs).

Trying to hit the mark with all 200 of these ranking factors would be all be completely counterproductive not to mention a little ridiculous.

What you should focus on are:

Make sure your website loads fast on mobile and desktop, circa <3 seconds.

Make sure you use keywords in your digital content title and sub-headings that match the words people would use to search for what your content is about. For example, if you are a steakhouse and you write a blog post about wagyu steak, then your keywords would be things like wagyu, wagyu steak, best wagyu steak, types of wagyu cuts, What is so special about Wagyu steak, etc.

So, if you what your content subject matter is. You should also use these keywords across all your digital content. Just make sure when you write your content, to mix keywords whilst ensuring what you write makes sense and is easy to read.

Make sure that whatever content you write, be it blog posts, articles, case studies, page content etc you write with facts, knowledge and authority.

Google loves digital content the is fast to load, matches the search and provides value to the reader.