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Just walk on bye – d do du du do

I said this on a podcast I hosted last week.

Just walk on bye.

I was talking about how is it that we can walk to McDonalds or a restaurant and quite literally walk on bye a homeless person and not give them a second thought.

We have become so accustomed to other people’s misfortune that we don’t just turn an uncomfortable blind eye, we look straight through the sadness and pain of others and simply carry on like there’s nothing wrong.

It’s hard for me to accept that we have made so much progress in this world when there are quite literally billions of people who are subjected to daily hunger, homelessness, illness and war.

If I think about things to much, I get sad, angry and upset and I have to be mindful of these feelings.

I wish we could just fix shit and make things just a little easier and a little better for people.

Sadly, in this case, reality is easier to say than to solve.