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Hi, I'm Lee, part of the team here at
The Guidance Company®

We teach, support and mentor hungry startups, committed owners and senior managers on how to improve their business.


We are a leading business advisory and mentoring company.

We are located in the UK and Ireland, serving clients globally.

We pay fwd our experience and knowledge to build businesses that work.

Business Advisory
Project Management
Partner Mentoring

We teach business

We are not business coaches.

One Service

Finding the right business advice is hard.

So many business gurus, so many instant experts, and so much mediocrity.

Having a team of smart experienced business people that you can trust to help solve your business frustrations is a powerful business asset.

We are that asset.

We provide one service - to improve your business.

To achieve this, we offer four solutions.

Four Solutions

We're not fans of complexity. Experience has taught us that simplicity in business adds huge value.

Each option, from free advice to full access partner mentoring gives owners and managers access to all of our accumulated knowledge and experience.

If you're looking to improve your business, we are confident we can help.

Free Business Advice

A free full hour where you get to ask us anything business-related. No sales pitches, no upsells, just you asking us questions about things that you may need our help and support with.

Impact Session

Impact sessions last for two hours and are very much customised to your specific business needs. The format is relaxed, open and encouraging.

You tell us what area of your business you wish to focus on and together, we walk through the detail, identifying and highlighting the fundamental business cause and effect. From here, solutions are discussed and agreed. 

Project Management

We work with clients on specific projects, usually business-critical projects that can not be allowed to fail.

Remote or hybrid, we provide secondary project support to full project ownership and accountability.

Partner Mentoring

Partner mentorship This is very much a bespoke 1:1 ongoing partner service. 

You get full access and full support from the team.

Sample options:

Invisible business partner

Advisor and sounding board

Accountability Advisor

Your business No.2



We act as your invisible business partner, 

Our Expertise

What we bring
to the table.

A business is built on solid foundations. We call these foundations the Five Business Disciplines.

We have extensive experience in each of these disciplines.

Like anything, getting the basics right is always the first step. We provide advice on strategy, vision, mission and executive summaries of the business opportunity, its objectives, the team and structure needed and the money required over 1,2, 3 and five years.

Financially, knowing your numbers is critical in business. We advise on commercial business models, commercial analysis, cash flow forecasting, sales forecasting, balance sheets, revenue forecasting, P&L, gross margins and commercial analysis and reporting controls

We advise on developing the right marketing strategy across digital, social and content marketing from initial idea to campaign execution.

We can teach you how to identify your ideal customer, persona profiling and customer purchasing journeys.

We advise on paid and organic lead generation, PPC, paid social, SEO, website and brand design.

Without a doubt, the biggest differentiator that you can affect in your business is the service your customers receive.

We can teach you how to implement effective customer excellence strategies and processes that drive a positive customer experience across all your customer touchpoints.

Creating a strong workplace culture adds huge value to your business. It is also something that should be a given.

We teach you how to create an amazing workplace culture where everyone pulls in the same direction, and where your staff want to become your greatest brand ambassadors.

We teach you how to conduct employee sentiment surveys that check the actual reality of your company's culture.

We teach you how to create a culture statement, a value statement and a business attributes statement. 

We teach you how to effectively delegate, how to empower your team and how to instil a culture of ownership, accountability and trust.

We teach you how to identify talent, how to nurture staff for long-term growth and how to create an effective management team.

We teach you how to work at your business and not in it and remind you that your business serves you, you don't serve it. We teach you how to control your time by prioritising the big stuff and delegating the rest.

How to manage the whole business with simple processes using snapshot priority analysis and reporting.

We teach you how to empower, trust and empower your team and how to set up a business structure that creates time and space for you to focus on the strategy of the business, it's direction and growth opportunities.


Great business relationships are
built of respect and trust, both taking
time to earn.

To cut through this issue,
we decided to make a simple promise.

If any of our services don't add value
for our clients, they're provided for free.

You don't know us. We don't know you.

This means you risk your time and money and we risk our reputation.

We decided to de-risk this.

Book your free hour of business advice.

Our Process

Pragmatic by nature, teaches by choice.

We use common language and a solutions-oriented approach to everything we do.

Coupled with our significant business experience, we provide practical, results-focused business solutions.

We are confident in our abilities.

Abilities that serve our clients well.


You can expect a direct, open professional yet informal 1:1 discussion.

We want to listen to you talk about your business and what it is you're trying to achieve.

We want to learn exactly what it is you need so we can offer the right advice and support.


More often than not, our initial client's problem is usually not the core issue.

Solving your core issue is what we are here to do and what you pay us to do.

Understanding your actual business problem is our #1 priority.


We do not offer broad advice.

The advice and support we give is clear, actionable and measurable.

It will be detailed, thorough and precise.

We will solve your business problem and we will improve your business.

Working with you to create a business that works, that creates real value.

A business you can be proud of.

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Our only interest is paying fwd our knowledge and experience.

Enabling business owners and senior management to build businesses that work, that create real value and that they can be proud of.

Receive the right advice and support for your business.

Don't be shy.


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