Say hello to greyp and the G12S – The Electric Bike that combines the best of both worlds – a motorcycle and a bicycle. 100% battery powered with an output of 1.5Kw, the G12S can reach speeds of up 70Kph and has a range of up to 120km on a single 80-minute charge.

The G12S has three riding modes, pedal, pedal assist (25Kph) and unassisted full power motorbike mode (70Kph). Switching between these modes is easily achieved by using the comprehensive digital touch screen user interface which provides information like range, power mode, speed, temperature, consumption and much more.

100% battery powered with an output of 1.5Kw, the G12S can reach speeds of up 70Kph and has a range of up to 120km on a single 80-minute charge.

The chassis and rear swingarm are made out of high-grade, high-tensile 25CrMo4 steel. The tubes are CNC bent and cut while the sheet-metal parts are CNC laser-cut. All parts are welded on a custom-made jig in order to assure quality and tight tolerances. All the stressed parts are analysed and stress-tested on benches. Pre-impregnated carbon fibre is used for the side covers.

The Greyp G12S cost approximately €7500 excluding VAT/shipping. A 30% minimum down payment is also required.

Greyp Specifications:


Speed-mode power: 12 kW

Street-mode power: 250 W

Speed-mode top-speed: 70 km/h

Street-mode top-speed: 25 km/h

Range: up to 120 km

Battery capacity: 1,5 kWh

Weight: 48,5 kg

Recharge time: 80 min

Regen braking power: 2 kW

Battery pack

Capacity: 1, 5 kWh

Chemistry: Lithium-Ion

Nominal voltage: 84V

Integrated Rimac Automobili BMS

Cell voltage monitoring (refresh – every 10 ms)

Cell-temperature monitoring


State-of-Charge calculation

Low-voltage protection

High-voltage protection

Temperature protection

SoC protection

Low power consumption in sleep mode


Seamless 25CrMo4 steel tubes and sheet metal

Tig welded in jig

Dual mount bottom bracket

Cr-Mo sheet metal swingarm

Extra-long head tube

Carbon-fiber body panels

Frame size: 19” (XL)


Motor: custom direct drive BLDC with Neodymium magnets

Gears: Bottom bracket 2-speed ATS drive (planetary gears)

Crank: Custom crank

Pedals: Custom pedals

Front suspension

RockshoxBoxxer RC

Damping: 3-system

Travel: 200mm

Wheels: 26″

Weight: 26” – 2882g

Damping: Motion Control IS

Springs: Coil

Adjustments: External beginning stroke rebound, low-speed compression

Steerer: Aluminum 1-1/8″

Crown: Forged, 6061 T-6 aluminium, direct mount stem compatible

Upper tubes: 35mm, Tapered Wall Aluminum, Fast Black

Lowers: Magnesium, 20x110mm Maxle Lite DH

Maximum rotor size: 210mm

Rear suspension

Rockshox Vivid R2C

Weight: 468g

Damping: External beginning stroke rebound, ending stroke rebound, low-speed compression

Configuration: 222×70

Spring: Steel coil

Spring adjust: Preload


Custom made dual wall 47mm aluminium rim

Custom made 12G (2,7mm) spokes


Display: 4, 3” full-color display

Tires: Maxxis Hookworm 2,5×26“

Saddle: SR Lookin

Seat post: Custom

Handlebar: Custom

Stem: Custom made CNC machined with integrated finger scanner and display

Headset: Semi-integrated headset

Brakeset: Shimano Saint