Compounding Acts Of Kindness.

I never quite understand why so many people make so much fuss over helping out someone in some way. I’m not talking about epic charity drives or huge philanthropic donations, just the small things, the random acts of kindness that make a difference, no matter how small or inconsequential. I’ve never understood what the big […]

Book review: IKIGAI

If you’re someone who’s searching for more direction and meaning in your life, “IKIGAI” by Hector García and Francesc Miralles is a must-read. The authors introduce the concept of “ikigai” – the reason for being – in a way that’s easy to understand. They also provide real-life stories and practical tips that you can use […]

Workplace Culture

Every leader should want to drive a positive, inclusive, safe and open workplace culture. If leaders do not want to achieve or don’t see why it’s important, they cannot and should not be in a position of leadership for they are not a leader. So who’s responsibility is it? The responsibility for ensuring a a […]

Self Worth

The choices we make in life are often dictated by our perceived self-worth. When choosing a partner or considering a job offer, do you ask yourself first if it’s worth your time and effort? It’s an important sign of knowing your worth. When you know what you deserve, you can make the best choices for […]

Be the example

Leadership comes from an inner desire to make people in the team better, more capable, stronger in confidence, to be more focused and more valued. Leaders have an acute awareness of the core priorities and act as a beacon providing constant team direction and guidance. Leaders do not smother, do not stifle nor do they […]

Business Goals for 2023

If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably thinking about your new business goals for 2023. These goals could be updating your business plan, revisiting old processes and policies, improving company culture, or expanding your business. While these are important goals, what about the thing right under your nose?  The people you work with… Take an […]


At times, everyone experiences things that don’t go their way. How we deal with setbacks defines not just your present but more importantly, your future. Resilience is fundamental to how the future you, moves forward. Not allowing negative or unexpected things, which are almost always temporary, to defeat or define you is the essence of […]