Be the lighthouse

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Be the lighthouse….? Brand messaging, advertising, CTAs, message cut through and brand awareness has never been so competitive fought. Consumer attention real estate is at a premium and the digital landscape is saturated with literally billions of Digital CTAs per day. There is no silver bullet. It’s extremely hard to stand out nowadays. What you […]

Speed, Words, Quality

lee o'carroll Speed, Words & Quality

Google lists over two hundred ranking factors. Ranking factors are the boxes your website’s digital content needs to tick if you want to rank well in Google search engine results (SERPs). Trying to hit the mark with all 200 of these ranking factors would be all be completely counterproductive not to mention a little ridiculous. […]

Hamburgers all look the same

Lee O'Carroll Hamburgers

There is a reason why a picture of a hamburger is the same everywhere…subliminal marketing and product association – when a brand’s product visuals match that of the consumer’s subconscious, so their already formed perception. Your product visual and the consumer perception meet and match. This creates comfort within the consumer’s mind as it’s familiar, […]