9 variations of cognitive bias

Cognitive bias refers to systematic patterns of deviation from rationality or good judgment in human decision-making. These biases often occur due to the brain’s attempt to simplify information processing and make decisions more quickly. Or Cognitive bias means our brains sometimes make mistakes when we’re thinking or making decisions. These mistakes happen because our brains […]

Accountable leadership

Accountable leadership, a rare thing indeed. Accountability means not passing the buck. Not taking the easy option and not playing the blame game. Having the strength of character to acknowledge that the buck stops with the leader – No one else. This is proper accountability. The harsh reality is that today’s modern leader is more […]

Common Language


When we speak using a simple, common language, more people will listen to us and more people will understand us. Using common language makes people feel more comfortable, more equal and more confident. Using common language encourages people to speak up, to suggest things and to participate more. Using common language in the workplace encourages […]