Here’s To The Ones That See Things Different.

Running a business is not for the faint of heart. A life lived by rollercoaster. From the early mornings and the long nights, fuelled by a heady cocktail of insane emotions, the over-active mind, the grit, the hope, the constant focus and the ever present stress. The Prerequisite’s, the obsession, the burning desire, the oddity, […]

How to Write an Effective Executive Summary: Tips and Examples

An executive summary is a brief summary of a longer document, such as a business plan, proposal, or report. It serves as an introduction to the document and provides an overview of the main points and arguments. An executive summary should be concise, informative, and engaging, allowing the reader to quickly understand the document’s purpose […]

Headless CMS

In essence, a Headless CMS is a content management system that operates independently of its presentation layer. This system acts as the central repository for all your content and assets, accessible through a content API. The API allows you to distribute the content to various platforms such as websites, mobile apps, email marketing, CRMs, and […]

Load Times Kill

No matter your business, a slow loading website means lost sales, lower conversion, poor user experience, damages the brand and every day weakens your business. if you don’t know anything about load times or how to improve them, then go an speak to someone who does. It’s like having a high street shop with thousands […]

OpSys Strategy = Time

A time leveraged business is a business that respects and understands the critical importance of establishing an OpSyS Strategy and applying the methodology to each area of the business. The OpSyS Strategy requires that each core area of a business, cradle to grave is stripped back to its core moving parts. Each part is scrutinised […]

Good leaders do this

Good leaders understand that they serve the team around them. The leader is aware that it is invariably the team that delivers and as such, the leader is there to remove the road blocks, to deal with the side shows, the politics and to deal with other senior staff. Good leaders move out of the […]