Boost Your Business’s Online Presence: Tips for Google Maps and Google Ads

SERP title: Boost Your Business’s Online Presence: Tips for Google Maps and Google Ads Meta description: Learn how to get your business listed on Google Maps, rank higher on Google search, and use Google Ads to grow your business. Get expert advice from the leading business creative agency, Solution. Are you wondering how your business […]

ChatGPT: Everything You Need to Know.

Have you heard of ChatGPT? It’s the latest innovation in AI language models from OpenAI, and it’s already being used by some of the biggest companies in the world, like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. But what is ChatGPT, exactly? And how can it benefit your business? Let’s dive in and find out. First off, let’s […]

Book review : The monk Who Sold His Ferrari

I absolutely loved The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma! This book is a true gem that left a lasting impression on me. This novel focuses on the journey of a successful but unhappy lawyer who embarks on a transformative spiritual awakening and is filled with practical wisdom and thought-provoking insights. As I […]

3 Ways A Business Can Grow

Taking more market shareThe business can increase it’s market share buy identifying and solving the negative attributesof competing businesses and winning more market share. This is especially truein stagnant and or where a market lacks competition. Expand in an expanding marketThe business can be operating within a market that is at the start of a growth […]

Change Manifesto

Organisational change happens by experimenting with progressive change ideals. If you don’t look to see how you can improve a situation, the situation will not only stagnate, it will manifest into a negative, damaging environment. Organisational improvement should be a constant. The promotion and proclivity of activities that constantly improve a given set of circumstances […]

Word of mouth

Ok, so there’s nothing new about me telling you that word of mouth and personal recommendations influence customers purchasing decisions. It’s fair to say that most of us at one stage or another have decided to buy a certain product or service based on hearing friends and family rave about it. Thinking about it, most […]