my name is
lee o'carroll


Significant strategic, commercial, creative
& operational experience.

With a strong knowledge base across many technologies and business verticals, Lee brings strategic focus, strategic growth, sales, marketing, technology, operational and commercial executive management along with business analysis & expertise gained through 20 years of diverse experience within various entrepreneurial ventures.

High energy people first leader.  Open-minded, committed and highly driven. A solutions orientated, commercially and creatively instinctive business growth specialist. A natural leader with a rare ability to navigate around the noise of management, constantly and consistently focusing on, and delivering on, the critical business objectives. Unconventional, adaptive, grounded and sharp minded . Relentless in leading and achieving all aspects of business deliverables.

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    C-Suite strategic thinker with significant experience in the evaluation of medium and long term strategic commercial objectives. 



    Experienced in and long term advocate of Brand strategy, Brand Discovery, Brand Onlyness and Brand Attributes. Developing and executing long term planning  for becoming a brand  that customers recognise and prefer to have a relationship with over the competition.



    Advocating the method and practice of the "insideOut" Cultural Strategy. Believing that to create a brand with a winning market position, the inside culture of the business has to be the blueprint for the brand attributes. 



    With a strong resistance to mediocrity and a desire to never settle for less, to always question to status quo and to re-think the origin. Curious abstract and original thinker able to rapidly translate complexity with a grounded, common communication style. 



    Confident, Articulate, Smart, Caring, Truthful, Kind, Selfless, Creative, Committed, Genuine.
    Direct, Decisive, Candid,Resourceful,
    Resourceful, Relentless, Restless
    Solutions orientated



    Battle tested, hands on commercial leader & thinker. Extensive experience in strategic planning, strategic growth & management execution. Extensive experience in Martech, predictive & big data analysis and management leadership.  



    People First / Culture First
    Team First / Business Guardian / 360 Leadership
    Business Growth Martech Specialist
    Strategic, commercial, Operational Leadership.


Digital & AI apps

D-ID AI, Chat GPT3 , AI Creative Reality Studio, AI Descript, Tome AI, TrustPilot, ConvertKit, SMS Gateway, Campaign Monitor, Live Chat, Woo, Elementor, Adobe Express, Canva, Social Platform Management.

Leadership Management

Cultural Strategy, EQ Advocate, Team Evolution Planning, People First, Example First, 3XTEN Management, Change Management, Common Communication, Organisational Planning & Development.

Operations Management

Ops Strategy & Planning, Resource Planning, InsideOut Methodology, X-Dept Structuring , Retention Planning, Credit Control Management, Sigma Six, GDPR, Regulatory, UX, Comms Flows, CRM, OpsSys, Ticket.

Business Strategy & Execution

Commercial, Transformation and Operations Strategy. Business Analysis, Planning, Anticipation, Mitigation, Dept Analysis, Finance Modelling, Collective Management.


Monday, Runway ML, VideoAsk, Notion, MS Office, ,Adobe CS, ZOHO, Google Data studio, ZOHO CRM, VoIP platforms, Zendesk, WordPress, CMS.

Business Transformation

Post Merger / Acquisition Integration, Repositioning ReOrg, Cultural/Brand Change, Supply Chain ReOrg, Structural Change, Management ReOrg, New Business Adoption.




Commercial Director & Principal

✪ Strategic direction, mission, vision, culture, cause
✪ Ownership and implementation of commercial growth strategy
✪ Revenue Modelling, Forecasting, OKRs & KPIs Ownership
✪ Brand Strategy and cultural ownership advocating Inside Out, 3XTEN and EQ best practices.


Chief Marketing Officer

The Imagine Group


✪ Ownership and implementation of Group Sales and Marketing Strategy across video, mobile, display and native channels circa £2M annual marketing spend.
✪ Responsible for company growth success – £23M annual revenue achieved during first 40 months from product launch.
✪ Creation/ Execution of Multiple TV, Radio, Press, Outdoor, Digital Pre & Post Production National, Regional and Localised Sales and Marketing Campaigns with constant KPI / ROI assessment/monitoring
✪ Development and execution of web 3.0 CX, UX, Online Pipeline, Live Chat, Peer2Peer, Affiliate, Email, Social and Digital Acquisition Strategies
✪ Excellent Commercial and Operational data analytical skills including X-Channel social data, Google Analytics, PPC, CPC, CPM. Customer Data, Company Data Warehouse Integration, Predictive Data Analysis, Campaign Remarketing / ReTargeting
✪ Strong commercial and Operational Soft Skills – Office, Zendesk, ZOHO, CMS, CSS, WordPress, Design, Creative Suite. MAC OS / Windows, Data Studio, MailChimp
✪ Brand and Cultural Ownership and Guidance – advocating Inside Out and EQ best practices.


Managing Director

Imagine Ireland

✪ Executive Management of Irish Business – Revenues circa €72M
✪ Development and implementation of revenue targets
✪ Develop & execute multiple national sales and marketing plans
✪ Encourage the professional development of circa 300 new and long term employees
✪ Maintain medium & long-term financial controls
✪ Maintain Industry leading Service Standards
✪ Continual commercial risk assessment and operational appraisal
✪ Responsible for development and implementation of business system architecture and integration


Director Sales & Marketing

access Telecom

✪ National sales growth €58M
✪ B2B Enterprise/SME revenue €23M
✪ B2C Gaelic Telecom revenue €13M
✪ B2C Imagine Broadband revenue €16M
✪ Commercial and operational execution of M&A
✪ Executive management of multiple national sales channels
✪ Establish Retail product marketing and distribution channels
✪ Leadership, development, and management of 140 + sales team
✪ Execution of national marketing and customer engagement strategies
✪ Establish and execute national distribution channels / dealer/agent channels


Founder & CEO

Sky net

✪ Execution of company strategy – High Growth // Low Cost
✪ Annual revenues achieved circa €1.8M – 14 months.
✪ Securing of Seed I & Seed II funding.
✪ Successful deployment of retail store Business Model.
✪ Implementation of Company Retail, B2B, Fixed Wireless deployment strategy.
✪ Sale of company to Imagine Group 2002


National operations Manager

The Money shop / Gold

Workforce Operations
✪ Sales & Salary Planning and Management / Labour Investment Strategies
✪ Recognition and Celebration, Commission and Incentives
✪ Workforce Management / Composition / Structure

Retail Programs
✪ Implementation of National Standard Operations Procedures / Store Policies, Procedures & Processes
✪ Design and Implementation of National Retail Data Network
✪ Introduction and implementation of National Connected CRM database.
✪ National retail fit out program (New Stores, Refurbishments, Model Store)
✪ Security, Theft & Fraud Management
✪ Unification of National Sales History / Development of Profit Optimisation Centre
✪ National retail fit out program (New Stores, Refurbishments, Model Store


submarines - RSS

GSOP Special Ops

✪ Special Unit – RSS
✪ SSN – SSBN – Mission // Engagement
✪ BRNC Dartmouth
✪ TridentV SSBN Special Build & Dev Unit
✪ TridentV SSBN Primary Evaluation Ops 
✪ US Missile Launch & Evaluation Team


#Business #Technology #AICreative, #Culture #Management #MentalHealth #ASD, #Innovation #BeingHuman #SelfDev #Startup #Creative #Branding


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