This is my professional bio.





✪ Strategic direction, mission, vision, culture, cause
✪ Ownership and implementation of commercial growth strategy
✪ Revenue Modelling, Forecasting, OKRs & KPIs Ownership
✪ Brand Strategy and cultural ownership advocating Inside Out, 3XTEN and EQ best practices.


Chief Marketing Officer

The Imagine Group

✪ Ownership and implementation of Group Sales and Marketing Strategy across video, mobile, display and native channels circa £3.8M annual spend.

✪ Responsible for the overall and inter-departmental management and professional growth of circa 140 people across sales, marketing, digital, call centre, on-the-road sales and creative teams.

✪ Responsible for the strategy, management and execution of national B2B2C 5G fixed wireless project – £31M annual revenue achieved during first 40 months from product launch.

✪ Creation/ Execution of Multiple TV, Radio, Press, Outdoor, and Digital Pre & Post Production National, Regional and Localised Sales and Marketing Campaigns with constant KPI / ROI assessment/monitoring

✪ Development and execution of web 3.0 CX, UX, Online Pipeline, Live Chat, Funnel, Peer2Peer, Affiliate, Email, Social and Digital Acquisition Strategies

✪ Excellent Commercial and Operational data analytical skills including X-Channel social data, Google Analytics, PPC, CPC, CPM. Customer Data, Company Data Warehouse Integration, Predictive Data Analysis, Campaign Remarketing / ReTargeting

✪ Strong commercial and Operational Soft Skills – Office, Zendesk, ZOHO, CMS, CSS, WordPress, Design, Adobe Creative Suite. MAC OS / Windows, Data Studio, Mailerlite

✪ Brand and Cultural Ownership and Guidance – Advocating Inside Out and EQ best practices.


Founder & CEO

Imagine Ireland

✪ Executive Management of Irish Business – Revenues circa €72M
✪ Development and implementation of revenue targets
✪ Develop & execute multiple national sales and marketing plans
✪ Encourage the professional development of circa 300 new and long term employees
✪ Maintain medium & long-term financial controls
✪ Maintain Industry leading Service Standards
✪ Continual commercial risk assessment and operational appraisal
✪ Responsible for development and implementation of business system architecture and integration


Director Sales & Marketing

access Telecom

✪ National sales growth €58M
✪ B2B Enterprise/SME revenue €23M
✪ B2C Gaelic Telecom revenue €13M
✪ B2C Imagine Broadband revenue €16M
✪ Commercial and operational execution of M&A
✪ Executive management of multiple national sales channels
✪ Establish Retail product marketing and distribution channels
✪ Leadership, development, and management of 140 + sales team
✪ Execution of national marketing and customer engagement strategies
✪ Establish and execute national distribution channels / dealer/agent channels



Sky net

✪ Execution of company strategy – High Growth // Low Cost
✪ Annual revenues achieved circa €1.8M – 14 months.
✪ Securing of Seed I & Seed II funding.
✪ Successful deployment of retail store Business Model.
✪ Implementation of Company Retail, B2B, Fixed Wireless deployment strategy.
✪ Successful sale of company 2001 


Group operations Manager

The Money shop / Gold Shop

Workforce Operations
✪ Sales & Salary Planning and Management / Labour Investment Strategies
✪ Recognition and Celebration, Commission and Incentives
✪ Workforce Management / Composition / Structure

Retail Programs
✪ Implementation of National Standard Operations Procedures / Store Policies, Procedures & Processes
✪ Design and Implementation of National Retail Data Network
✪ Introduction and implementation of National Connected CRM database.
✪ National retail fit out program (New Stores, Refurbishments, Model Store)
✪ Security, Theft & Fraud Management
✪ Unification of National Sales History / Development of Profit Optimisation Centre
✪ National retail fit out program (New Stores, Refurbishments, Model Store



✪ Special Unit – RSS
✪ SSN – SSBN – Mission // Engagement
✪ BRNC Dartmouth
✪ TridentV SSBN Special Build & Dev Unit
✪ TridentV SSBN Primary Evaluation Ops 
✪ US Missile Launch & Evaluation Team