Leadership comes from an inner desire to make people in the team better, more capable, stronger in confidence, to be more focused and more valued. Leaders have an acute awareness of the core priorities and act as a beacon providing constant team direction and guidance. Leaders do not smother, do not stifle nor do they suppress opinion or thought.

Inclusion, togetherness and respect, where freedom to share opinion and challenge the status quo is not to be discouraged, but to be encouraged and welcomed. The personification of a leader is the example they set – They are the example, they are the template that the team looks upon and acts upon.

A leader will strive to make people in the team better when they leave than when they joined. The stronger the team, the stronger the leader, the stronger the team.

a leader decides the template based on on the core priorities, the template directs and guides others on the journey. the leader sets an example, to be first, to command, to lead, to be the example

A leader must be able to draw lines, most of which remain invisible to everyone but the leader. These lines provide a constant reminder to the leader as to what is acceptable and agreeable to the team and what is crossing the line crossing. A good leader will be comfortable in both praise and discipline and will have a healthy respect for such management requirements, recognising the value to the overall team, it’s guidance, trust and cohesion.

a leader has to care, I mean really care for the people that they work with. they need to come from a position of unselfishness

A leader has to care, I mean really care for the people that they work with. A leader has to come from a position of unselfishness and to always put the team first. Trust, transparency and objectivity are critical elements for leadership, as is having the team’s back when dealing with external drama, criticism or negativity. A Team is a primary, being divisible only by its whole and by it’s one, collectively and consciously on the same path, governed and led by the same template of goals, objectives and principals. A Leader is the team and the team is the leader