Learn the basics and benefits of Business SEO without losing the will to live.

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Table of Contents The Benefits Of business SEO – the basics (Ish) So here’s the didleo, SEO stands for search engine optimisation (which is why it is called SEO!). It is a set of actionable guidelines that when done right, primarily makes your business content marketing stuff stand a chance of being found by someone […]

Business Workplace Culture | Learn The Inside Out Strategy.

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What is an inside out business Workplace culture? The Inside Out Business Workplace Culture Strategy is where the owners and leaders of a business understand that an amazing workplace culture will have a direct impact on their customer experience.  An inside Out Business Workplace Culture Strategy works on the premise that if you have a […]

What is E-A-T in marketing

Post Table of Contents Every business should want to win the hearts and minds of its target audience but this is easier said than done. Content marketing is one area that, if done right, can really help create strong brand credibility, and awareness and earn audience top-of-mind positioning.  One term that has gained prominence in […]

What Is Employee Sentiment and how-to measure it.

Employee Sentiment. What is it and how-to measure it

So, what is employee sentiment? Personally, I have difficulty in understanding and accepting why businesses do not prioritise workplace sentiment as a key business metric. As an ex-submariner, spending upto 17 weeks underwater without seeing daylight, I feel fortunate to have experienced first-hand how a strong, collective and cohesive working environment drives a whole host […]

What is Predictive Analytics?

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Predictive analytics is a valuable tool for business growth opportunities, offering a business the ability to improve present-day decision-making by offering a glimpse into future customer purchasing habits. It’s like using foresight and not hindsight to make decisions. Enabling predictive marketing can be a challenge due to the huge amounts of data generated from various […]

How To Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

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Post Table of Contents Let’s Kickoff With Some Summary Stats. Almost 5 billion people in the world today have at least one social media account. 98% of all internet users have at least one social media account. 92.6% access the web using mobile devices. TikTok continues it’s rapid growth, having reached over 1.3 billion users […]

What is Business Automation & What Are The Busness Benefits.

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Post Table of Contents What is Business Automation? In short, it refers to the process of using technology to streamline and optimise business operations, reducing manual processes, reducing human error and improving efficiency.  Business automation touches various aspects of a business operation ranging from routine tasks to complex inter-departmental system-driven automation and processes. What’s The […]

What is a Company Mission Statement & How To Create One.

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Post Table of Contents What is a Company Mission Statement? Your mission statement defines your organisation’s business, its objectives, and how it will reach these objectives The mission statement should highlight your company’s core values and it should serve to help everybody connected to your company,  from your customers to your employees – to clearly […]

What is a Company Vision Statement & How To Create One.

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Post Table of Contents What is a Company Vision Statement? A concise, well considered and inspiring vision statement acts as the North Star for your business. Creating a business vision statement should never be treated as just another tick in the box of operational or strategic process. A well crafted company vision statement ads significant […]