Ok, so let’s get the big question out of the way first, is the new Apple Watch 2 worth the money? Umm, well I think that depends on how you answer these next three questions

  • Are you the type that just needs to have the latest tech?
  • Do you currently use an iPhone or are you prepared to swap to apple’s IOS?
  • Do you run and or swim lots?

There are three apple watches in circulation today, the first generation Apple Watch (Series 0) which came out in 2015 which Apple have now discontinued, and the latest 2016 Apple Watch Series One and Series Two models. For the purpose of this quick snapshot review, below are the core differences between the Series One and the Series Two Apple Watch.

Series Two Vs Series One – Core differences

  • Series Two has GPS – Series One doesn’t
  • Series Two is waterproof up to 50metres – Series One is only splash proof
  • Series Two has brighter 1000 nits retina screen – Series One has 450
  • Series Two comes has Nike, Hermes and ceramic options – Series One doesn’t
  • Series Two currently costs £399 – Series One is £299

There are other cosmetic differences between the two watches with the Series Two also having the Apple Watch Edition all white ceramic option – Apple Watch Ceramic Edition and also the Apple Watch Hermes option – Apple Watch Hermes and Apple Watch Nike+ option – Apple Watch Nike+

Pricing wise, the Apple Watch Series One retails at £299 with the Series Two coming in at £399. If your current phone of choice is the iPhone and you’re in the market for a Smart Watch, then buying either of the latest Apple smartwatches makes sense as right now, aside from the Samsung Gear S3, the latest Apple Watch is probably the best smartwatch money can buy today.

If you swim and or run and want to track your strokes and laps and don’t want to take your phone every time you go for a run, then spending the extra £100 and buying the Series Two which gets you the waterproofing and GPS are the way to go. Check out the latest Apple Watch Series One and Two here – Apple Watch Series