3 Ways A Business Can Grow

Taking more market share
The business can increase it’s market share buy identifying and solving the negative attributes
of competing businesses and winning more market share. This is especially true
in stagnant and or where a market lacks competition.
Expand in an expanding market
The business can be operating within a market that is at the start of a growth curve. In this context, the business will naturally grow as long as it maintains it’s minimum market share or typically enjoys growth as the curve for product/service awareness drives more demand/sales/revenue.
Enter similar markets to your existing
Reposition / Diversify the existing business by expanding into a new market, likely to be similar to that of the existing business. An example of this would be if a mobile network company like Vodafone, where to start offering it’s own over-the-top IPTV service with exclusive content to it’s current mobile customer base.