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The Help Company

Guaranteed, Low Cost,
High Impact Business Support

Pro Group

Always-available business support providing practical and actionable business help via unlimited meetings, phone calls, emails and messaging. Pro group is for business people who need access to experienced low-cost, high-impact business support.


Specialist Project Management for businesses looking for results focused, project deliverables without the risk & burden of full-time hiring. It is supported by a team of battle-tested business specialists with real-life experience across multiple business disciplines.


Together is a one-to-one business advisory, leadership and mentoring program provided by Lee. Together is for business people who want Lee’s undivided attention. Together is like having Lee as a dedicated and committed business partner.

Why Businesses
Work With Us

Providing guaranteed,
low cost, high-impact business support.

We are results and solutions orientated.

We are not business gurus, nor are we instant experts.
We are highly experienced, battle tested business specialists.

People hire us to fix and improve their businesses.

Which is what we do.

What We Do:

We provide unlimited specialist business support that includes meetings, phone calls, email and messaging support whenever you need it.

We help business people by giving high-impact, low-cost business support and advice that fixes their most pressing business issues and improves their overall.

Our mission is to build a profitable and successful business by providing our business advisory services at price points that make them accessible to every business.

Who We Serve:

More than anything, we work with business people who are serious about wanting their business to improve.

People who need to stop fighting the fires and managing the train wrecks. Who are stuck on the entrepreneurial roller coaster where everything is rosey one day and a nightmare the next.

People who need support in identifying and permanently fixes their business issues. People who need clear vision, strategic direction and purpose.

People who are prepared to listen and learn from people they can trust. People who want clarity and advice from people who have been there.


If We Don't Add
Value, You Don't Pay Us.

You don't know us
and we don't know you.

So we decided to de-risk
this by giving you a guarantee.

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Great business relationships are built of respect and trust, both taking time to earn.

This means you risk your time and money and we risk our reputation.

To cut through this issue, we decided to make a simple promise.

If any of our services don’t add value for our clients, they are provided for free.

What People Think

"In our experience, the vast majority of business management, coaching and consulting companies charge ridiculous amounts for what usually turns out to be lightweight, low value and low impact business support.

We are the
opposite of this.

The Help Company

What We
Bring To The Table

Sales & Commercial Growth

Digital & Creative Marketing

Operations & Management

Leadership & Culture

The Help Company

Support & Advice That
Pays For Itself Again & Again

For Growth

Marketing Strategy


Revenue Growth
& Optimisation

Acquisition Strategies

Executive Summary,
Vision, Mission & Strategy

Sales & Lead
Generation Strategies

Rate Optimisation

UX Conversion &
Customer Journeying

Operational &
Structural Streamlining

& Management

Culture Change

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