Hi, I'm Lee

Professionally, I am a Senior Partner in Exception, a digital marketing and creative design agency. I am also involved in the strategic management and continued development of several other businesses.

Privately, I provide mentoring and coaching for young people who may need a silent friend who listens, encourages and shares, if asked for, some life wisdom.

I also provide intense business mentoring for one business owner. I provide this annually and FOC.


As a battle-tested startup entrepreneur with 23 years of multi-disciplinary experiences, I have a proven track record in building, investing and growing several 7 and 8 figure Pan European businesses in the areas of telecommunications, technology, retail, mobile, digital marketing, franchise and wholesale.

Exception - I am a senior partner in Exception, a global creative marketing company. I am a stakeholder in several other businesses and hold both NED and senior advisory positions within several enterprises and NGOs.
Personal Commitments - I actively support young people who may be feeling lost, sad, depressed, misunderstood and or are dealing with neurodiversity, anxiety and low self-worth along with other forms of personal challenges and difficulties. My mentoring commitment is one-to-one weekly face to face and also consists of one-to-one virtual calls with various young people.

Project 13 - I provide for free, extensive professional guidance, mentoring and practical hands-on support to one NGO and or business. I do this every 13 months. This support is typically in the areas of strategy, management, digital and creative marketing, operations and automation, structure and workplace culture.

Superpowers - I am a high-functioning autistic person having been diagnosed in 2011. I also live with depression and have previously experienced long-term Social Anxiety Disorder and Imposter Syndrome. I'm not everyone's cuppa of tea and I'm Ok with that.

The Autistic Entrepreneur - I host a podcast that openly discusses diversity, workplace culture, leadership, life challenges and some bits in between. This is scheduled to go live hopefully, around the end of Feb, 24 although, frustratingly, I'm a bit behind...

Two Priorities

1. - Professionally, I wish to work together with the team at Exception. To help the business achieve its goals both commercially and culturally. To pay forward my experience to the people I work with. People that I get to call my good friends - as it should be.

2. Personally, I wish to continue providing guidance, support, and reassurance to young adults who are dealing with neurodiversity, low self-esteem, depression and other personal and social challenges.

Exception, with offices in Dublin, Melbourne and on the Wirral, Merseyside, is a highly capable digital marketing, creative design and social content agency.

Its core services include video marketing, social media advert creation, digital account management, LinkedIn management, business seo and content marketing.

The senior principals of the business are both myself and Emmett Ward. Collectively with a team of highly skilled digital and creative people by our side (our friends) - We have significant expertise in most things digital and creative. We continue to provide consistent, measured marketing success for our clients and ourselves.

My passion is helping young adults uncomplicate their lives so that they can find a real sense of direction and purpose.

I help younger people to understand, appreciate and own their uniqueness and differences. To be conscious and in control of their self-worth and inner self-belief.

Through Project 13, I provide NGOs or a business owner with extensive, practical and sometimes hands-on business support in the areas of strategy, management and digital and creative marketing support. Project 13 provides this for one NGO or business owner every 12 months.

I have three teenage girls, one with autism, punch well above my weight marriage-wise and I am besotted with Emma, my Golden Labrador who I love more than life itself. I also like long-distance road trips (two and four wheels), watching stuff by HBO, listening to early hip-hop/rap and I swim a lot.

What I bring
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Professionally, I have spent 14 years as CEO, 7 years as Group CMO and 5 years as Sales Director in multiple business and acquisition environments.

As CEO, I have had executive responsibility and accountability for 55M revenue / 400+ staff businesses.

As CMO, I have managed digital marketing and brand creative strategy for 11 sister group companies, and £12M annual group marketing budgets while developing 120+ sales and marketing people.

The professional capabilities listed on this website are 100% accurate, are in no way exaggerated or embellished.

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